(This is an excerpt from my Science Fiction/Comedy novel in progress -- The Adventures of Danger Dave, a story of Galactic Exploration and High Adventure, produced and broadcast by 21st Century Weasel Entertainment.)


Notes Transribed - 01

By Rick Carlson


Being a Galactic Hero isn’t easy. Creating one is almost impossible…almost. I’m Bob – “Binary Omniscient Brain” on the official roll call, although that was also my name when I was still human, but more on that story another time. Welcome to my world. With a VRV (Virtual Reality Viewer), you may choose one or more viewpoints to watch the story unfold. You may also switch viewpoints to see the action from different angles, “as seen through the eyes of” specific characters, or replay the story at any previously viewed time index from our archives.

If you are reading a “dead tree” edition, you’re basically stuck with a single viewpoint, filtered through a Chronicler, Editor, Publisher, and very probably, one or more of their significant others, friends, enemies, politicians, or media censors. Any Truth you actually find under these conditions is highly suspect and merely a result of random chance and coincidence. If you also happen to be a Conspiracy Theorist (registered or not), then you know there are no coincidences, but Truth is still suspect and highly subjective in any case. Good luck to you.

Now, since this is your first visit, a few brief introductions are in order. Our intrepid crew aboard the G.S.S. TerraVision (or G.S.S. Enigma, depending on which timeline you are currently experiencing):

1)     David Alan Doright – “Danger Dave” – Ship’s Captain

2)     Daniel Allen Pierce – Ship’s Pilot and Dave’s best friend

3)     Maria Isabella Sophia Santiago – Communications Officer

4)     Gustav Adolph Smith – “Gus” – Supply Chief (drinks Soldier’s Coffee)

5)     BOB – Binary Omniscient Brain – Ship’s Computer with a human brain

6)     Xiggy Xambini – Galactic Mafia Crime Boss – Dave’s arch-nemesis