What do you get when you put a cartoon character into a corporate cubicle? Perhaps the following comical poem...

"Wile E. Coyote Works Wednesday"

Copyright © 2000, Rick Carlson

You might see me Daffy.
You may think I'm Looney.
I'm sorry it Bugs you.
For being car-Toon-ey.

Have a Great Day!
You have no choice!
For I have spoken,
You've heard my voice.

For today is the day
In the midst of the week
with the best TV shows
for the Sci-Fi freak.

Roswell at Eight,
And Voyager, too,
After Seven Days --
I'll tape them for you.

I know you may think
This poem is quite lame.
Just ask my opinion,
I'll tell you the same.

I know I seem weird
For waxing poetic.
To uncultured swine,
I just seem pathetic.

But here in my cube,
Alone with my peers,
I can be creative
Without chugging beers.

And so I conclude
This poem with a smiley :)
From a modern day genius
Coyote named Wile E.