Copyright © January 2000, Rick Carlson

It's been two months since Y2K,
And everything still seems okay.

Instead of huge, impending doom,
December was a business boom

For champagne, water, food, and guns,
For generators and bad puns.

Everything was "Y2K" -
From banks and stores to rugs and clay.

On "Y2K", we've heard enough.
It's time to look at future stuff.

From inexpensive flying cars
To Web surfing in sushi bars.

From mapping all the human genes
To microscopic smart machines.

The future is a wondrous place
But it will come at it's own pace.

For now, I'll have to wait and see
Just what it has in store for me.

I'll live each day just like I did
Before, with cats and spouse and kid.

Some things, I think, should always be
The same, like friends and family.