Copyright © 1999, Rick Carlson

I am just a software coder,
A registered, inactive voter.

In politics, I stand aside,
To ebb and flow with the public tide.

And so it is with Y2K -
"I'll get to that some other day."

That's how it is with all the geeks,
And now we're counting down the weeks.

I must prepare for Y2K.
Itís only 4 more weeks away.

Millions of lines of code to fix
Before the looters hurl their bricks.

"It won't be bad," the experts say,
But pleasant dreams don't come my way.

Like a flight mechanic who takes the train,
This New Year's Eve, I will abstain

From braving crowds and courting dangers.
I'll lock my doors to friends and strangers.

When Midnight strikes that Friday night,
We'll see who has water and light.

But if I wake up with the dawn
And find the Cable TV on,

And all my friends are still alive,
Humanity may just survive.